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Henry Charles Estates offer homes from builders and developers that provide a range of extended payment plans. Long term loans and mortgages at competitive rates are also available for periods ranging from 3-20 years. Here at Henry Charles Estates, we will help guide you through all the necessary procedures.

Different Loan Information

Find out about your loan’s APR. The APR (the Annual Percentage Rate) is the total cost of your loan (including interest and all bank charges you have to pay) expressed as an annual percentage of the amount you have borrowed.

The APR gives you an overall picture of the total cost of your loan and is the best tool available to you to compare different products from the same Bank or from other banks. Because we don't want our customers to be blinded, we share the infomation that they need to make the right choice in taking a loan, here are some questions that you should ask before taking a loan.

  • What does the total cost of my loan include?
  • What does interest cover?
  • How is interest calculated?
  • How can I calculate the total cost of my loan?
  • What are the housing loan up front charges?